COVID-19 Vaccines Save Lives


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COVID-19 Vaccines Save Lives

COVID-19 has affected all of us. Over 100 million people around the world have contracted the virus and over 2 million people have died. Everyone is missing friends and family, but now that there’s an approved vaccine for COVID-19, there is finally some hope.

Why should I get vaccinated? The only way to stop the pandemic is for as many people as possible to get vaccinated against COVID-19. When the majority of the population is vaccinated, we will be able to get back to living regular lives.

How does it work? The COVID-19 vaccine is given in one or two doses. The vaccine teaches your body to make antibodies to fight the virus. After you get the prescribed number of doses of the vaccine, it still takes a couple of weeks before you are immune. So, it’s important to know that if you are exposed to COVID-19 during that time, you can still get sick or spread the disease.

Is the vaccine safe? Yes! Testing and safety protocols for all vaccines are strict, and the Food and Drug Administration has authorized the COVID-19 vaccine. Allergic reactions are rare. Some people report having a sore arm, low fever, or general fatigue after having the vaccine, but overall, side effects are mild. These symptoms mean the vaccine is working and your body is building up immunity to fight the virus.

When and where do I get a COVID-19 vaccination? There are still a lot of questions about how the COVID vaccine will be distributed, but every state is already working to vaccinate as many people as they can, as quickly as possible. The best way to find out when you can get your vaccination is by calling your health care provider or county health department for more information.

So, when it’s your turn to get vaccinated, please…roll up your sleeve, stick out your arm, and do your part to help stop the pandemic.

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